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Great app for speech therapy!

I am so excited to use this app with my clients on the autism spectrum. I especially love the receptive and expressive aspect of the app design and find it easy to work on multiple therapy goals at the same time!

good for kids with severe language difficulties

This app is great for my students who have multiple disabilities. The choices help them identify the correct function plus many of my students are non verbal so this is a good way to determine the skills they know.

Love this

This really is fun and functional. I can adapt it to many different students using if different settings.

Good for language therapy!

Great graphics! My primary level language groups have enjoyed working on these activities. A great addition to the Smarty Ears apps family!


Not sure why this was $9.99. My daughter was bored within 10 minutes.


This app is great for customization!! There are so many changes you can make and so many extra questions you can ask kids for all of the pictures. It is also very functional to have these pictures on hand rather than carry a bunch of pictures around! Thanks for another great app Smarty Ears!

It really is 'fun & functional'!!

I am a speech therapist and I love the app! My kids are motivated to use it and I love all of the options included within the app. Great for working on Wh questions. I highly recommend for SLPs and special education teachers!


The title says it all "Fun and Functional!" My speech kids love this app. This app keeps my kids engaged, they don't even realize they are working. Very good design and easy to use. I like that the app collects data but it would be more efficient if the data was individualized.

Good app for language

I enjoy using this app with my language students. I really like the option for using both expressive and receptive language skills. Another great app by Smarty Ears!


I love this app! I have spent hours making my own materials to work with students on the things they need everyday. This app saved me time and is so much more fun than my Velcro games. Most of my students are cognitively delayed or on the spectrum. The receptive and expressive options help me hit many IEP goals.

Love the concept

I have tried this app with my slp students and I love the concept. Some pictures are missing though (e.g., VCR). I would also love a recording feature to record the expressive portion. The volume of the speaker asking the questions is too low even with full volume on the iPad.

Great app!

I just downloaded this app and love how there are options for receptive and expressive play. The receptive play is great for teaching new concepts and for kids who are nonverbal. It's great that you can change the number of pictures displayed. The expressive play is helpful for expanding language, describing, and answering questions. Right now some of the pictions aren't showing up, but I'm sure that will be changed in an update soon.

Great Receptive and Expressive Tool!

This is a great interactive tool focusing on receptive and expressive vocabulary! The students enjoy the variation from other tools in my "toolbox". This allows for a great alternative and is easily adapted! =) Thank you, Smarty Ears!

Parent of 2 Special Needs Children

As a parent I have found this particular App very helpful with my little girls Speech therapy. I also have many other Smarty Ears Apps. It is hard for the average person to supplement your child's therapy. This app has made working with my daughter very easy. Not to mention she loves the App too. It really holds her attention. Thank you Smarty Ears!


Love the app! It is great for kids who are working on both receptive and expressive language. I would definitely recommend it to any SLP.

Best app ever!

This app has become my 'go to' app. My students love it!

Great way to work on language skills!

This is a great app that is easy to use and a quick way to work on language relating to common objects and their funcitons. It has both recpetive and expressive tasks with data tracking for both! I have used it in therapy and the kids really like the app! I like using it to develop functional vocabulary, associations, categories, answering questions, ect.. This is a handy tool for any SLP! Another great app from Smarty Ears! :)

Likes and Dislikes of Fun and Functional

Another nice addition to the Smarty Ears family. Likes: Data Tracking Receptive and Expressive Langauge work Customizable at the Category level I can alter the number of items on the screen based on my student's needs Dislikes On occassion you run into a spot where the words and pictures do not match. I am sure this is because it is new and future updates will eliminate this. Overall Impression Great for SLPs and SpEd Teachers.

Nearly wonderful.

There are two things that prevent me from a five star review. 1. I would like to be able to record what the child says so they can hear and stop arguing with me that "that's what I said". 2. In the receptive/expressive mode, I would like to be able go back and look at the receptive component again to use that information in helping the child formulate a response. The concept of the app is great,however .

Very nice!

Great addition to the SE library! I really like the fact that there is no negative feedback and that there are three choices for production feedback. It is a great way to practice/learn the function of various objects.

Great app

I love Smarty Ears and everything they do.


Another great app from smarty ears!


This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Kids often struggle with explaining what things do...Looking forward to using it in therapy.

waiting to try this out

downloading and waiting to try this out:)

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